Wednesday, July 8, 2009

alligator farm/petting zoo

These were taken at this zoo in Hot Springs AR. It was a fun little run-down place haha

Lynsie and Stephen Iverson joined us on our adventure, and it wouldn't have been near as fun without them! The turtles on the left are 75 years old! And the weird picture above is supposedly a "merman".

We got there in time to see the owners feed the alligators. It wasn't very crazy...but the alligators are suppose to be more motile in july and august. It was still cool. They walked in between the alligators and threw chicken pieces into their mouth. We were able to pet some of the smaller alligators. I thought their skin was hard, but it felt more like a frog. It was really soft and slimy. In the petting zoo part, there were goats, emus, deer, donkeys and a couple other animals.

After the zoo we went to lunch and walked around some parks. It reminded me of Jackson Hole. Main street was lined with little store and shops. It was a great afternoon to spend with Mike, Lyns and Stephen!

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